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Save the Date: November 21st, 2024

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Why We Fight

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The number of youth accessing shelters in London is growing and those youth are younger than ever. We have an opportunity to build a system that will end the cycle of homelessness and make an immediate and lasting impact on our community’s youth. Our donors and sponsors help sustain YOU’s life-changing programs and services and, invaluably, help youth discover a group of supporters who understand and care about them.


of those accessing shelters are 24 years and younger

(London’s Emergency Shelters Progress Report 2011-2016)

of individuals in London were under the age of 30 when they first experienced homelessness

(2018 London Community Enumeration Event Results)

who received Housing First supports remained housed after the first year

(Housing First, Homeless Hub)

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Why should you consider being involved?

Homelessness is one of London’s most critical social issues we are facing as a city. Currently there are not enough beds to help over 500 people in our community who are left without proper food and shelter. We want to make an impact. By being a sponsor in this event you are saying “YES” to standing up against the stigma of mental health. You are saying “YES” to being a part of the change. You are saying “YES” to helping more people live with dignity in our community.

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