What Is Pta Tax for Iphone 11

The PTA tax on Apple iPhone is Rs 36,900. To check taxes on iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, read our article. The tax details were mentioned. Although the devices look similar to previous models, the biggest change comes from an improved camera system. The design of the triple camera on the back includes an ultra wide angle lens that can capture panoramic views. The new cameras can also capture what Apple has called the highest quality video on a smartphone. Apple recently unveiled its upcoming iPhone models. Although throughout the year, mobile manufacturing companies are launching their latest models. But the whole world is waiting for the new iPhone model every year. If you are an iPhone lover in Pakistan, you need to know how much tax is on Apple iPhone 11 and its predecessor? In this article, we have introduced you to the details of the Pta control on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Warning: Taxes are approximate and can vary between 5 and 10%, no more. .

No, the personal baggage rule has been removed. Yes, in the past, a passenger could carry a device under the personal baggage rule. This aircraft was duty and tax free. But later, this factory was also closed for some reason. Well, whether you are an international traveler or a local importer; You will have to pay PTA tax on your next imported iPhone 11. FBR has significantly reduced taxes compared to the initial stages of the DIRBS program that is currently being launched. . It looks like no one has answered in a while.

To start the conversation all over again, just ask a new question. Hello thank you for such a beautiful answer. All these links you`ve shared don`t solve the problem I`m facing. . Do you want to know the import duties on other smartphones/mobile phones? The iPhone is still a premium phone launched extra premium model of its next generation of iPhone, known as the iPhone 11 Pro. The Pro variant also comes with the Pro price, as the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB is at Rs 267,000, while the 128GB and 256GB variants are at Rs 295,900 and Rs 328,900 respectively. “A mobile phone owner who does not use a LOCAL network SIM card in his phone; He is not obliged to pay PTA taxes. However, if a LAN simulation is used even once, the phone will be blocked after 60 days. You need to save it within a certain period of time. “Hi Saad, Ap doesn`t ask me to passport use kya ya ID card option? You must use Passport and register it as an international traveler. The iPhone 11, which has been called the most economical iPhone of all time, costs Rs209,000 for its base model of 64GB, while the 128GB and 256GB variants are rs221,900 and Rs237,000 respectively.

The iPhone 11 is available in red, black, white, green, yellow and purple. Is there anyone who could help me solve this problem? iPhone 11 new variants The exact customs are mentioned above so that you know the exact cost that would be incurred to import the smartphone into Pakistan. Since you would have to pay that certain amount of customs or you are not allowed to leave with your special mobile device. Due to the devaluation of the rupee and various taxes in Pakistan, the price of devices approved by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) for a simple man has skyrocketed. Lahore PTA Phone of the Year iPhone 11 with its Pro series iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, was recently launched with luxurious prices for a shared smartphone user. A big no. PTA and FBR have defined the tax policy for the import of mobile phones. As a result, every imported mobile device will go through the mobile tax policy. According to this policy, pta registers your phone. If someone does not register the phone, it will be included in the blacklist category. By block, I mean that the device is blocked, I cannot use it with an operator until I have paid the additional amount of tax required by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) because recently a decision was introduced that all devices purchased overseas must be registered with the PTA by paying an additional fee that goes beyond the purchase tax already paid.

This creates a lot of problems and at the moment I can only use my phone with the Internet. I can`t make a call or receive a call or text message. When I enter a carrier`s local SIM card, I simply don`t see any services. My phone now looks more like an iPad without simless. There is a fixed PKR 250/- customs duty on the iPhone 11 with an additional regulatory customs fee of 20% based on the price of the mobile phone in US dollars and PKR 28980/-. There is also a fixed sales tax of PKR 1500/- on Apple iPhone 11, with an additional 3% sales tax, which is PKR 4347/. The computer tax is 9% of the price of the mobile phone, which is PKR 13041/-, and 0.9% of the provincial tax pkR 1304/-. Then there is PKR 5000/- mobile phone charging fee on the phone based on its prices in PKR. Don`t forget to save the second digital SIM/SIM card on your latest iPhone or you might have problems in the future! Hi, I just sent a request to register my iPhone 11 Pro, I traveled from Canada to Pakistan and within 30 days I sent this request, but I still got 46277 in tax levies. Can anyone help? I bought the Iphone 11 in Scotland last December. I brought it here to Pakistan and now the PTA has blocked it for registration. They are asking PKR 42000 to register, when the fact is that I have already paid £121 as purchase tax.

Paying this amount is not easy for me and it is annoying to pay double taxes on the same device and especially if you bought the phone of your pocket money as a student. The company unveiled three iPhone models with improved processors and new camera features, including the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which cost between $699 and $1,099. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are available in Pakistan in grey, silver and gold, with the exception of the premium “night green” colour. All prices are exclusive of GST. Yes, you can run iPhone 11 in Pakistan without paying taxes, only in a situation November 18, 2020 23:14 in response to nazanpari In response to nazanpari What do you mean by blocked? What was blocked? Operator blocked? Activation blocked? But Apple has launched a larger screen model for users who like more space on their screen. Apple has launched the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which stood at Rs 288,900 for its base model, while the 128GB and 256GB variants will cost Rs 314,900 and Rs 357,900 respectively. . .